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Friday, August 30, 2013

Linda Rodriguez Blog Post from Killer Nashville

I'm back from Killer Nashville, one of the premier crime fiction conferences in the world. I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion titled "Fiction on the Fringes: Writing about Other Cultures, Closed Societies, and Countercultures."

Award-winning author Linda Rodriguez blogged about our panel. To read the full post visit 

Here's an excerpt...

"I spent much of last week on the way to, at, or on the way home from the mystery writers’ and readers’ conference, Killer Nashville. It was a great conference, but this isn’t my Killer Nashville post. I’ll post that one tomorrow over on The Stiletto Gang, one of the group blogs where I hang out. At the conferences, among other things, I was part of a panel called 'Fiction on the Fringes: Writing about Other Cultures, Closed Societies, and Countercultures.'  It was a terrific mix of writers, Bharti Kirchner, Rabbi Ilene Schneider, Jill Yesko, and our moderator, Stacy Allen. We joked among ourselves that we were just the writers no one knew what to do with, so they came up with this panel idea. 

But it was actually a great topic, and as a panel, we presented a variety of views—Bharti who moves back and forth as a writer between her birth culture in India and her adopted culture in the United States, Ilene writing about a female rabbi from her experience as one of the first eight women rabbis ordained in this country, Jill writing about a counterculture hacker with oppositional-defiance disorder, and me writing about a mixed-blood Cherokee cop in a university setting."

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