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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Book Review: Unleavened Dead

 Oy vey! I've just read one of the funniest murder mysteries and had to share with my blog family in cyber land.

Run to your nearest bookstore or device and order a copy of

 Ilene Schneider's "Unleavened Dead" (2012 Oak tree Press)

 Read my review of "Unleavened Dead":

To paraphrase a classic Levy's rye bread commercial: you don't have to be Jewish to love "Unleavened Dead"—but it helps.

Even if you're not Jewish (don't worry, you'll catch on to the lingo fast), you will love this cozy mystery. Once again, good-natured but meddlesome rabbi Aviva Cohen is up to her eyeballs in mishegoss. Her niece's wife-to-be may be a killer, her ex-husband could be coming on to her, the FBI and a handsome mobster are both competing for her attention...and in mitten's almost Passover.

Kudos to author (and rabbi) Ilene Schneider for some of the best plotting I've come across all year. I was kept guessing who dunnit until the last chapter. I also laughed out loud several times (while guffawing to myself amost every chapter) at Schneider's wry humor. Her characters are believable, warm and will be familiar archetypes to readers of any religion, race or creed.

"Unleavened Dead" is a worthy 21st century successor to Harry Kemelman's "Rabbi" series.

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