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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Wire Fan's Lament

There has been a yawing void in my life since The Wire went off the air after five epic seasons. Life has been tough, but I've been coping thanks to The Wire's Facebook page and the love and support of good friends (OK, I'm dramatizing, but you get it).

My pain has been somewhat mitigated by watching Idris Elba star as Detective Chief Inspector John Luther on the noire-meets-hip BBC series Luther. It's great that Idris can use his British accent and doesn't have to worry about losing his drug empire to complete sociopath  Marlo Stanfield. I'm happy for Idris and wish him well. But to me, Idris will always be Stringer Bell.

Yes, I live in Baltimore City, so every day is a chance to be a part of the circus that never sleeps and to breathe the same gritty air as Detective Jimmy McNulty and his long-suffering partner Detective Bunk Moreland. The Western District hasn't been the same without you, McNutty.

But folks, it's been FOUR YEARS since The Wire went off the air and I can only watch those DVDs so many times before I am jonesing for some news of the men and women who have inspired me to write "Murder in the Dog Park."

For all you Wire-heads out there who need a fix, check out "Where are they Now: The Wire Favorites" from Black Enterprise. Spoiler: Wait until you see what Snoop looks like! I couldn't believe my eyes.

PS: Don't forget to scroll down to my post "Whose Afraid of Stringer Bell" to see what would happen if Luther met Stringer. 

You come at the king, you best not miss—Omar Little

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